Hey hey!!! I finally updated "The Chill Mode" Spotify playlist :)

Hey folks!!! Well, it's that time. Okay, it was actually that time a week ago, but since I went home to party/get drunk with friends for New Years...the schedule update for Jan. 3rd did not happen. Then the internet...life happens. But fear not my random viewers, the spotify playlist has officially been updated. 

Just like last time, if you're into alternative/smooth/chill R&B songs and songs to just "chill" out to in general, then I think you're going to love this. These are a collection of songs that I love to listen to, especially on a late night drive. This time you get 35 songs, with over 2 hours of tunes to chill, drive or whatever to. There, a few extra to make up for my like of updating :) haha. Also, had to put my homie Skoolie Escobar on there (@iSkoolie on twitter - follow him, he's fun) since he dropped a project over the holidays.

Got a good group of songs on hear, hopefully with some people you may not know.

Once again, I would love if you guys checked it out and let me know what you think. If you love it, go ahead and follow that bad boy. The next update will be in two weeks...hopefully :)

I had a lot of fun making it, so hopefully you love listening to it. If you have any ideas for songs, feel free to let me know. I love discovering & hearing new songs to chill to.

Janaye Roberson

I am an aspiring audio engineer/artist manager from Alabama. Currently living in Nashville, where I am a Music Business/Marketing student at MTSU.