Janaye Roberson is an aspiring audio engineer and booking agent, from Huntsville, Alabama. Since a child, she has always been involved in music. During her early years, she received piano lessons and became involved in the string ensemble at her elementary school. As soon as she hit middle school, she knew she was going to join the band. Once she saw the alto saxophone, it was immediate love and she would go on to play in marching and symphonic bands from middle school through college.

During high school, she began getting interested and playing around in audio production. Janaye had written songs before, but had never recorded any instrumentation. Once discovering digital audio workstations (DAWs), her world was forever changed. She began working with local artists, creating beats/instrumentals and recording them with her home recording setup. As she begin working with local artists, she began to get interested in what it takes to market and promote artists in this changing music landscape.

Recently, Janaye moved to Nashville and transferred to Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) to study Music Business and marketing. Since moving to Nashville, Janaye has been blessed to have several opportunities within the music industry. She hopes to graduate with a job in audio recording or in the booking/management field. While she loves music, she also loves all things computers related, Pugs/Puggles and chocolate. And...Auburn Tigers are the greatest college football team and God is a Dallas Cowboys fan. #DakAttack 


'JMR Does Sound' Portfolio

by JMR

This is collection of various songs and tracks that I have either recorded, composed, produced or recorded & mixed.


stuff i do

* Music Production - $20/Hr.

I will work with you from start to finish on any song, from recording to editing and mixing. Also, I do writing and co-writes for a variety of genres. 


* Mixing - $30/song

You bring the tracks and I'll handle the dirty work of putting it all together, in a well-rounded package. Additional charges may be added to songs longer than 5:30 and songs that consist of more than 40 tracks.


Artist Support - Negotiated

Need some help booking a gig? Or, maybe you need help and ideas for building fan engagement or a new marketing plan. I love working with artists and helping them succeed. So hit me up & let's talk!

* Rappers/Singers looking for beats or instrumentals, please contact me for a sampler of various beats I have made *



* Macbook w/ Logic Pro X & various plugins

* Focusrite Scarlett 18i20

* KRK Rokit 5 Monitors

* Mics: Rode NT1A, AT2020 & an SM57 (#classic)

* Korg nanoKONTROL 2

* Yamaha Keyboard/MIDI Controller

* Various guitars (Acoustic, Classical, Electric & Bass)

* Conn Alto Saxophone

*Various cables and accessories

* All powered through a Furman M-8Lx


PS - May not be much, but it gets the job done very well.